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Name: Ben Goetting

Location: Costa Mesa,CA

Hobbies: Phazer Blast Design and Fanzine, web page design, screen printing, and rock and roll.

General Stuff: I've lived in Costa Mesa for the last year.. before that I lived in Newport Beach.. I was born up north in Hieldsburg CA and lived in Utah untill I was five. My main interests have always been art and music. I have been playing bass for a few years (well some people call it playing). I have always had a passion for art and design. I've been working on different self-published fanzines for the last 4 years and I love to take pictures and design flyers for bands. I am starting school at Orange Coast College this year, and am hoping to eventually move on to another college and major in graphic design. Right now I am building a portfolio and eagerly looking for work. As far as graphic design goes my biggest influence is Art Chantry. My other influecnes are mainly punk designers/artists/and photographers.

My Quirks: I am anal about random shit, like my records in order, my clothes in order, and the menus at work folded the right way. My manager at work found this out, so it's her mission to fold all the menus the wrong way when i'm not looking. She's mean. but.. it's cool.


The Following was Taken from an internet survey.. let me know about you.. copy paste it to an e-mail and change the answers

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~General Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>


Full name: Benjamin Rosso Goetting

Nickname: Ben Gay, Been Getting, Fag, Dork.

Age: 19

Place of birth: Heildsburg, CA

Date of birth: Feb 29, 1980

Location: Costa Mesa, CA

Hair color: Usually Black.. but naturally brown

Eye color: bluegreen

Height: 5'10"

Grade: second semester of community college

School: OCC

Parents' names: Tina and John

Siblings: Kate, 16

Family roots: Germany/Italian/Danish

Pets: Chihuahua- Maggie

Religion: None


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What's Your Favorite.......~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Color: RED

Thing to wear: Tapered jeans and t-shirts

Car: 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Sierra

Song: Even Hitler Had A Girfriend -MTX (right now.. changes all the time)

Music groups: Agent Orange, Avengers, Angry Samoans, Adolescents, Avail, Blackfork, Bouncing Souls, Bomb Bassets, Beatles, Boris The Sprinkler, Born Against, Bad Religion, Bobbyteens, Bangles, Black Velvet Flag, Business, Blanks77, Brents TV, Buzzcocks, Blondie, Black Market Babies, Beatnik Termites, Bikini Kill, Black Flag, The Crowd, The Clash, Crumbs, Crimpshrine, Chinese Millionares, Criminals, Cows, Countbackwurds , Citizen Fish, Cub, Ch3, Elvis Costello, Circle Jerks Dead Kennedys, Devo, The Dils, Damned, Descendents, Dropkick Murphys, Dickies, Dodge Dart, Eater, Thee Evaporators, F.H. Hill CO, F Word, Fifteen, FYP, 4, Guitar Wolf, Green Day, The Go-Go's, Generation X, The Go-Nuts, Germs, Thee Headcoats, Hellacopters, Headbored, Hagfish, Hi- Fives, Iron ons, Isocracy, Impala, Billy Idol, Jawbreaker, Jonses, John Cougar Concentration Camp, Kraftwerk, Lookouts, Loli and the Chones, Last Sons of Krypton, Lord High Fixers, Lyres, Monkees, Minor Threat, Motards, Milkshakes, Monarchs, Makers, Misfits, Mono Men, Muffs, Murder City Devils, Ne'er do wells, 999, Nashville Pussy, New Bomb Turks, Oxymoron, Operation Re-Information, Operation Ivy, Oblivians, Phantom Surfers, Pinhead Gunpowder, The Pogues, Peechees, Pink Lincolns, Queers, Rik-L-Rik, Ramones, Registrators, Riverdales, Red 5, Rhino 39, Rip Offs, Rancid, Retardos, Red Aunts, Rezillos, Iggy and the Stooges, Simpletones, Stiff Little Fingers, The Specials, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Satelliters, Sweet Baby, Subhumans, Social Distortion, Sex Pistols, Splash 4, Swingin' Utters, Screeching Weasel, Snake Charmers,Stray Cats, Smugglers, Spastics, Tilt, Turbonegro, TV Killers, Teengenerate, Tight Fits, Toy Dolls, Teen Idles, T.S.O.L., Undertones, Von Zippers, The Vindictives, Wailers, Weaklings, Wire, The Wongs, X, Young Losers, Youth Brigade, Zeke ... and more

Season: Summer for the free time.. winter for the weather (and that's so cal winter.. meaning no snow and sweatshirt weather.. not -30 degrees like you other people)

Professional sports team: um.. no

Sport: i like PLAYING soccer

Day of the week: Friday

Book series: Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy trilogy

Author: Douglas Coupland or Kurt Vonnegut right now

Time of day: night

Food: Taco Loco Tofu Mushroom burgers

Favorite drink: anythign caffinated.. NOT mt dew.. that is sick

Vacation spot: Idaho

Country: never been out of the USA

Names: Boys = Cary, Ben, Ben, Nick

Girls: Jenny, Carrie, Meghan

Quote: ... i always forget my fav quotes...

Color to wear: BLACK

Cologne or perfume: NONE... i like to smell clean.. but not like perfume


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Do you......if yes, what???~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Play a sport: No

Play a musical instrument: Bass.

Have a boyfriend or girlfriend: Taking Applications for a GIRLFRIEND.. would guys PLEASE stop hitting on me?

Drive: yes.. finally

Sing: I sing when noone can hear

Have the Internet: uhhh.. duH?

Like music: I LIVE music

Have a job: Yup.. Togo's.. quitting soon.. hopefully

Touch type: ya

Shower daily: sometimes twice


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Have you ever.....~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Given blood: no.. i'd pass out

Been in a car accident: been a passenger in one

Been skiing (snow or water?): yes snow.. a long time ago.. no water

Been backpacking/camping in the wilderness (not a recreational park): Yea.. a few times

Been whitewater rafting: no.. i'm a wuss

Been Mountain climbing: ya

Been horseback riding: yup

Sung on stage: not enough!!

Been recorded (visually or audibly): Hand Claps on the second supernova lp.. aww ya

Traveled to another country: nope =(

Had a computer virus: no..

Had a physical fight: yup

Had a nervous breakdown: close

Given a speech to over 100 people: god no

Gossiped about someone behind their back: all the time

Talked on the phone for more than 3 hours: OH YES

Snuck out of the house: oh yea

Killed an animal: Many times when i was a kid.. and i deeply regret it

Fallen in love: Yes. And i still love her. Love HURTS.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Which Is Better???~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Night or day: Night

Black or white: Black

Fresh water or salt water: fresh to drink, salt to swim (ocean, duh)

Coke or Pepsi: COKE!

Soda or Pop: SODA!! pop is such a 50's word

McDonald's or Burger King: Taco Bell

Foreign cars or American cars: anything that runs

Trucks or cars: Cars

Chevy or Ford: like i care

Long hair or short hair: short

Personality or looks: Both. Usually looks.. but personality can definitely win looks over sometimesArtistic or smart: Artistic... but.. i can't stand dumb girls

Funny or sentimental: both

Rain or snow: neither

Juno or Hotmail: Hotmail

Nike or Reebok: Converse

Shorts or long pants: pants

Denim or cotton: Denim. Denim. Denim.. unless it's underwear.. then COTTON

Tight or loose: not SKIN tight.. but.. tight.. please

Stripes or solids: Solids honey

Cookies or cake: what kind of question is that?

Mom homecooking or college food: I don't eat either

Friends or family: FAMILY.. because.. good friends are like family

Sunrise or sunset: sunset.. i rarely see sunrise.. unless i stayed up that long.. and if i'm up that long.. i'm usually in a bad mood

Bath or shower: shower... baths are filthy

Lightning or thunder: neither

Winter or summer: both




are you up to? I am going to lots of shows... hanging out with my friends.. working on my zine again.. going to school.. working.. falling for girls and never making a move.. destroying my hair.. staying artistic... hanging out with my ex (torturing myself)... working on my record label... and all kindsa stuff