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So what are my favorite bands? What do I like to listen to? Well these are my favoite bands.. you can click on the links to go and BUY the albums!!

The Drags "Stop Rock And Roll... ahh yeah.. garage rock and roll supreme. An awesome record for sure. I'd buy it if I were you. Beautiful cover art too! Also try their kick ass first full length "Dragsploitation.. NOW!"

Supernova "Ages 3 and Up" One of the best "Pop-Punk" albums ever. And by far one of my favorite bands. They are from the planet of Cynot3 and came to earth to invade our ears and steal our tinfoil. Their other album "ROCKS" is pretty good too.. more rock and roll sounding

The Peechees "Do The Math" Is an album i've been listening to CONSTANTLY. It's really great catchy, driving, punk rock. Fronted by Christopher Appelgren (head of Lookout! records) Their other album "games people play" is equally as good.. if not better.

Anything by Servotron is great. Devo-ish pop punk. Servotron claim to be robots bent to exterminate the human race. Their music is great and underneath all that gear they are great guys... includes a few members from Man or astroman? who are a great surf rock band!

The Groovie Ghoulies are a great rock and roll/pop-punk band who are absolutely amazing live. I own all their albums and they all kick ass.. definitely check these guys out.

Supercharger "Goes Way Out!" is a classic modern garage album. Supercharger play lo-fi rock and roll. Great stuff. Features Greg Lowerey from the Rip Offs and The Infectons, and Darin Rafielli who wrote all the songs on The Donnas first lp.

The Sloppy Seconds are the kings of junk rock.. Buy any of their albums and you will be inpressed.. if you like the vindictives with a touch of KISS style rock and roll.. check these guys out. I have all their stuff and have never been dissapointed

You like raw 50's-60's garage rock and roll? The Sonics "full force" is the album for you. With incredible orgionals like "Strychnine" and "The Witch" and blazing covers like "Do you love me?" and "Louie Louie" you can't go wrong with this one.

The Mr. T Experience are quite possibly one of thee best pop-punk bands in existence. With over 10 years under their belt they still havn't put out a bad record. I love them.. you should. Witty lyrics, catchy songs. Great Stuff.

The Infections "Kill..." Awesome 1977 style punk rock and roll .. only 20 years later. Similar to the Dead Boys ... one of the best albums of 1997.. very very very "must have"


Here are some other bands I like: Agent Orange, Avengers, Angry Samoans, Adolescents, Avail, Blackfork, Bouncing Souls, Bomb Bassets, Beatles, Boris The Sprinkler, Born Against, Bad Religion, Bobbyteens, Bangles, Black Velvet Flag, Business, Blanks77, Brents TV, Buzzcocks, Blondie, Black Market Babies, Beatnik Termites, Bikini Kill, Black Flag, The Crowd, The Clash, Crumbs, Crimpshrine, Chinese Millionares, Criminals, Cows, Countbackwurds Citizen Fish, Cub, Ch3, Elvis Costello, Circle Jerks Dead Kennedys, Devo, The Dils, Damned, Descendents, Dropkick Murphys, Dickies, Dodge Dart, Eater, Thee Evaporators, F.H. Hill CO, F Word, Fifteen, FYP, 4, Guitar Wolf, Green Day, The Go-Go's, Generation X, The Go-Nuts, Germs, Thee Headcoats, Hellacopters, Headbored, Hi- Fives, Iron ons, Isocracy, Impala, Billy Idol, Jawbreaker, Jonses, John Cougar Concentration Camp, Kraftwerk, Lookouts, Loli and the Chones, Last Sons of Krypton, Lord High Fixers, Lyres, Monkees, Minor Threat, Motards, Milkshakes, Monarchs, Makers, Misfits, Mono Men, Muffs, Murder City Devils, Ne'er do wells, 999, Nashville Pussy, New Bomb Turks, Oxymoron, Operation Re-Information, Operation Ivy, Oblivians, Phantom Surfers, Pinhead Gunpowder, The Pogues, Peechees, Pink Lincolns, Queers, Rik-L-Rik, Ramones, Registrators, Riverdales, Red 5, Rhino 39, Rip Offs, Rancid, Retardos, Red Aunts, Rezillos, Iggy and the Stooges, Simpletones, Stiff Little Fingers, The Specials, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Satelliters, Sweet Baby, Subhumans, Social Distortion, Sex Pistols, Splash 4, Swingin' Utters, Screeching Weasel, Stray Cats, Smugglers, Spastics, Tilt, Turbonegro, TV Killers, Teengenerate, Tight Fits, Toy Dolls, Teen Idles, T.S.O.L., Undertones, The Vindictives, Wailers, Weaklings, Wire, The Wongs, X, Young Losers, Youth Brigade, Zeke