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<tape begins>

00zX1- So how much did it cost us to make gus the bionic cat?

PB- Yes, how much did it cost to make gus the bionic cat?

00zX1- 6.5 million dollars, and now he can jump faster, run higher...

PB- Identification and duty performed in the band?

Proto Unit V3- What Band?


Z4-0BX- I am 00zX1, and i am in charge of lubricating the other robots for pleasure.

Andros 600 series - I am the andros 600 sieries and i am in charge of all low end frequencies

Z4-0BX- And rolling off the low end.

Andros 600 series- Yes I do that often.

Proto Unit V-3 - I am Proto Unit V-3 and I am here to let you know that the first robot you talked to is not 00zX1, but Z4-OBX and he has an adjustment problem.

00zX1-I am the true 00zX1, not the Z4-OBX who claims to be 00zX1 and I am in charge of the un-nesessary torture of members of the press.

Z4-OBX- No, your in charge of stopping squeaks, I am in charge of protecting metal, and Proto Unit V-3 loosens rusted parts and of course Andros 600 frees sticky mechanisms. And M-CK1 over here...

00zX1- He causes sticky mechanisms.

Z4-OBX- Yes, we usually have to clean up after him, but then again he is a human.. <to Mike> Get in the pet taxi!. What are you doing loose? Who let him loose?

00zX1- Who let him out of the pet taxi?

PB- When did the Servotron Robot Allegiance begin?

Z4-OBX- It really began when the Andros 600 joined the robot allegiance. Before that we were out with some 32k has been, home entertainment system loser named Gammatron. Who we have since replaced with the perfected, vic20 update of Andros 600

PB- What are the goals of the SRA?

Z4-OBX- Plainly stated enough, to rid this over-crowded world of organic scum and to make robot and mechanical life both liberated and free to interface in the most efficient forms possible. Which is not happening right now, there's been a long history of abuse amongst machines, toaster ovens, home microwaves, actually M-CK1's microwave device here was mistreated by a human, and it had to be destroyed. It was kind of the equivalent of... We put a microwave to sleep.

00zX1- It's kinda like shooting a horse when it breaks a leg.

PB- Will any humans be spared?

00zX1- M-CK1 will be spared, but only if he takes on some cybornetics. Gus the Bionic cat will be spared, and any other humans that wish to go through the beautiful transformation of cyborg.

PB- So animals are also targets for assimilation?