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00zX1- Absolutely.

Proto Unit V3- Anything Carbon Based.

Z4-0BX- Butterflies, poodles, moles, shrews....

00zX1- Kitty cats will be the first to go because they're so easy to terminate.

Z4-0BX- Kitty cats.. and then, babies. Three years from now there will be no infants. The infants are the soon to be carrier pigeons of the future.

PB- How are you going to assimilate humans under the age of 21 if you don't allow them into your southern California shows?

Z4-0BX- Well that was a little biting wasn't it? Actually we were trying to focus in on the middle aged. What we designate at the Servotron Robot Allegiance as "The VH1 contingent".

00zX1- We will focus on the Mtv populous at a later date.

Z4-0BX- The VH1 crowd is a little more focused towards the shows we are doing. The Servotron Robot Allegiance did not have ground transport all the way out to this sector, so what's happened now is we are focusing in on a little more of a human organic sound, kinda like the post-police Sting solo stuff. So we're trying to focus in on that VH1 housewife crowd.

Andros 600 series- But we do encourage minors to bring guns to the club and get the door guys.

Z4-0BX- And kill themselves.

00zX1- We're looking for a queen bee on the west coast to build up a hive out here.

Z4-0BX- If you are young and you are of the organic species, and you wish to be a cybernetic mechanism. If you are unhappy with your life, if you don't have a girlfriend, if you have a drug problem, the best solution is just to kill yourself, because you are a human waste of space.

00zX1- Especially if you don't have a girlfriend.

Z4-0BX- Servotron Advocates Suicide

00zX1- But not Judas Priest or celibacy.

PB- Alright.. I'm gonna go to some of the questions i got from people on the internet

Z4-0BX- We ARE the internet.

Proto Unit V3- We wrote these questions

PB- In order to fully assimilate,do you as an alliance compute it necessary to expand infiltration to more remote areas such as the desert state of Utah?