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Z4-0BX- I don't know if you know this, but it's a long held fact that one of the strongest contingents of the Servotron Robot Allegiance is in Salt Lake City.

Proto Unit V3- All Mormons are cyborgs.

Z4-0BX- The Mormons are animatronic, that's why they have a choir that sings so perfectly. Only robots like 00zX1 and Proto Unit V3 could have so much harmony.

00zX1- You know Brigham Young was a cyborg? Yes, he was one of the first.

PB- Are there any famous human beings currently operating as cyborgs?

00zX1- Brigham Young.

Z4-0BX- Walt Disney, in a cyborg state he has no moustache. Yes, the dark prince has shaven.

PB- How many robots does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Z4-0BX- 2....

00zX1- 2, one to screw it in and the other to cut the head off the nearest human.

PB- How many humans does it take to screw in a light bulb? <pause> These aren't jokes.. I'm asking a question...

Z4-0BX- Well in the future state of perfected mechanized evolution that would be zero. Because there will be no humans on the planet.

PB- How did you get around the 3 laws? and what do you think of mr Isaac Asimov?

Proto Unit V3- He's a megalomaniac.

Z4-0BX- We had to terminate Mr. Isaac Asimov, not because of his general theory and outlook that robots could be benevolent helpers to mankind. But, because we often hit humans where it hurts, with their physical deformities. I don't know if you've ever seen an actual picture or read Isaac Asimov's biography, but he has massive amounts of hair growing out of his ears. It is a very unattractive sight and that was the reason why we had to kill him.

00zX1- Ben, if you have hair growin' out of your ears your liable to....

Z4-0BX- Ben do you have any hair?

Proto Unit V3- You better watch out.

Z4-0BX- Ben's got a few years left.

PB- Nope.. I don't have any hair growin' out of my ears... If you could do away with one human-based musical group right now, who would it be?

Proto Unit V3- We must choose just one?

PB- Eventually they will all be gone I guess....

00zX1- Man or Astroman?

Proto Unit V3- Everyone somehow thinks they are affiliated with Servotron, which is absolutely false.

00zX1- We have to get them terminated and out of our hair.

Proto Unit V3- There's no such thing as aliens.