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PB- What do you have against humans anyway?

Z4-0BX- Are you asking us what is the Servotron Robot Allegiance's beef with humanity?

PB- Yeah we aren't so bad, why can't we just get along?

Z4-0BX- The SRA's beef with humanity is the fact that they are not perfected machines, it's hard to live in any kind of equal existence with a species that is so obviously inferior. I mean you've seen us and you've partaken in the evolution in this documentary that you are doing and you've studied the way the inner-robot mechanics work and you've seen what perfect specimens we are in our android state. Obviously we are not human, the intelligence level, the bodies here, the level of attractiveness.

00zX1- Yes, the levels of attractiveness, It's immaculate.

Z4-0BX- How could it be.. I'm asking you, how could we be more perfect? You've heard the tones we've created. How could they be more perfected?..

PB- Yes, I know...

Z4-0BX- And then a human like you comes up and we see all your deficiencys and it's hard to deal with..

Proto Unit V3- The smells, all the smells.

Z4-0BX- You do smell. I mean, I know it's your senior year in high school and you're tryin' to really party it up and go wild. But, it's not a crime to take a shower Ben.

PB- (laughing) oh this is just...

Z4-0BX- You know what? Actually, they hide money under soap, so go get in there and find some money okay?

PB- (laughing)

Proto Unit V3- You know, sometimes the money is actually inside the soap, so you actually have to lather up in order to get the money out of the soap.

Z4-0BX- One thing you will find as a human being taking a shower is that some places are more enjoyable to rub then others. And don't rub too fast because you might find that you like rubbing yourself with a bar of ivory soap somewhere around the groin region..

PB- (trying to interrupt) okay.. okay...

Z4-0BX- It's not weird, don't feel weird, but it can really take away from your productive time.

00zX1- Yes, because your race will even further into it's non-productivity.

Z4-0BX- Genocide through masturbation.

Proto Unit V3- And everyone will go blind.