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PB- (fighting back laughter) Okay, why play music? Why don't you use some other sort of mass media, like a robot televangalist show?

Proto Unit V3- That's what we do! Have you not seen the shows?

Z4-0BX- How did you know we were tied to televangalism?

Proto Unit V3- Do you know Jim Baker?

00zX1- Jim Baker's a Cyborg.

PB- Oh They're cyborgs?

Z4-0BX- Did you see the very first servotron seven inch where it was credited that OR1 played on it? That was Oral Roberts. Do you really think any of those telavangalists aren't anamatronic?

PB- I don't really watch them so I don't know. You guys are more infiltrated then I thought. Is there any possible way for a human to kill or shut down a member of the SRA?

Z4-0BX- The only way is, sometimes at certain points of energy decline we have to be recharged and that's the points that we are the weakest. But, as you see it did happen to Gammatron, so there is a fear. Gammatron was pulled away by the darker elements of humanity, which are sex drugs and rock and roll, and going to bars and calling girls "bubba" and asking them to make out with him for ten seconds.

PB- Are there any plans for a music video release for Servotron?

Z4-0BX- We might do a training film some time, so , for those of you who do want to become a cyborg we might help them through the use of their VHS home recorder.

Proto Unit V3- We are also going to do a robotic version of "faces of death".