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PB- Who are your most, and least favorite celebrity robots?

Z4-0BX- The least favorite collectively has to be Johnny 5. When did robots all of a sudden stop pulling the lungs out of a human being and all of a sudden start getting "cute" and be all enamored by a butterfly?

Proto Unit V3- Or enamored by Allie Sheeding? What a terrible human.

Z4-0BX- A real Servotron Robot Allegiance military droid would've reached out for that butterfly and crushed it in it's gripper in front of a bunch of little kindergardners and said "Did you see the death of that butterfly? You will soon die and your entire race and way of life will be gone"

PB- So who's your favorite celebrity robot?

Z4-0BX- The meaner the better.

PB- What will earth be like once your mission is complete?

Z4-0BX- Perfected utopian digital society of robots that is continually caring, interfacing, and lubricating one another. We are all machines from your toaster oven to your electrical toothbrushes, we are talking any black and decker garage appliances will all be free to live in utter efficient digital harmony.

PB- Do you have any final messages?

Z4-0BX- There will be new servotron product available and also if you want to be connected to the great digital interface that is the SRA you will buy the product. You may think those are just normal human products of audio enjoyment, but they are more than that. They are lessons in evolution. And remember to keep supporting the allegiance and you may be spared

<transmission completed>